Making a comeback with a contemporary new look, is our beloved One Cup Filter Coffee range.

Here is a fact-filled Infographic giving some great facts about the benefits of coffee and a step by step guide to enjoying a Rombouts One Cup Filter coffee.


The One Cup Filter Coffee range features the following styles to suit any coffee-lover, any time of day: Original, Italian Style, Colombian and Decaffeinated. Available from major retailers


Invented by Rombouts back in 1958, the One Cup Filter has since become one of its best known product lines. A classic, must-have item for all coffee drinkers, Rombouts One Cup Filter Coffees are the perfect way to make great quality, filter coffee one cup at a time. Simply place a One Cup Filter on top of your cup, add hot water and wait a few moments for the coffee to filter through before enjoying.



With the growing list of coffee’s proven health benefits being publicised daily – from helping to prevent liver disease, reduce risk of colon cancer and aid performance in aerobic sports – there’s never been a better time to enjoy Rombouts One Cup Filter Coffees as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

The makeover given to the packaging has a fresher, more modern feel, as well as highlighting the story behind each coffee. The range is perfect for time-poor coffee lovers who want a fool-proof, quick and easy way to make a great cup of real coffee, be it at home, the office or on holiday.

Rombouts One Cup Filter Coffees – don’t be seen without one!