Rombouts and Brussels Airlines are joining forces to protect the Virunga National Park in Congo.

This collaboration will improve economic development and the protection of the environment.

The poverty of the people living around the Virunga Park leads to poaching and deforestation. This is a serious threat to the animal species of the park, including the nearly extinct mountain gorillas.

Rombouts and Brussels Airlines are investing in projects, helping to ensure that locals can be employed on coffee plantations. With these opportunities in place, poaching and deforestation are no longer a necessary route to survive, it also boosts economic development.

The Project Consists of:

Economic Development

  • Improve the income of the locals to prevent poaching and deforestation.
  • Rombouts supports the structure of two cooperatives to develop the coffee culture and herewith provide the local people with extra income.

Environmental Protection

  • Protection of the Virunga Park with its unique biodiversity, where the last mountain gorillas live.
  • Establish a program to modernise the infrastructure, needed to process the coffee cherries.
  • Develop Organic and Fairtrade agriculture.

So when you next find yourself on a Brussels Airlines flight, enjoy a Rombouts coffee and remember the good you are contributing to.