Rombouts Plastic One Cup Filter Coffees & Recycling

At Rombouts, we are continuously looking at ways to become less impactful on the environment and produce more sustainable and ethical products.

One of our key products; the One Cup Filter Coffee is perhaps the product we are questioned most about so we thought it useful to outline the environmental credentials of this product.

In 2010 we changed the plastic used to polypropylene (PP5). In doing this, we were able to reduce the amount of plastic required to produce each One Cup Filter and also the switch to PP5 means that the plastic element is widely recyclable in many household collections. 

To recycle used One Cup Filters, completely remove the filter paper and coffee grounds (these can go in food waste, green waste or composted) rinse and place the plastic PP5 part in your household recycling along with your margarine tubs, etc.

The One Cup Filter lids are also made from polypropylene (PP5), making them fully recyclable in many household collections.

To check what your household collection will recycle please visit:

The outer card box is fully recyclable in household collections. Unfortunately, the airtight silver foil is not currently recycled.

We have also switched the retail trade outer-packaging to Biowrap. This is a bio-based film wrap that is 100% recyclable and 4% lighter than the old packaging, this will both help reduce the usage of fuel and the emission of CO2.

We are delighted to have now launched a 100% Home Compostable One Cup Filter. Please visit: for further details. 

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