Rombouts Coffee Filter Papers - Recycling and Composting

At Rombouts, we are continuously looking at ways to become less impactful on the environment and produce more sustainable and ethical products.

We use Oxygen-bleached paper for the Rombouts Filter Papers (Product Codes: 000745 & 007453).

These are made from Elementary-Chlorine-Free cellulose paper (ECF) and use a bleaching process that uses O3 and H2O2.

We have chosen this paper for our coffee filter papers for two key reasons:

  • We believe white filter papers taste better with our coffee as they do not impart a cardboard tasting taint you get with brown filter papers.
  • ECF-cellulose paper impacts the environment much less than the traditional chlorine-bleached papers.

Our coffee filter papers are produced with a patented secure, double seam, without adhesive or plastic. The paper used is pure-grade paper, free from all environmental pollutants.

Our coffee filter papers conform to all food legislation (EG 1935/2004, LFGB, BfR XXXVI). The quality of all our filter papers is subject to defined and regularly monitored standards conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001.

No adhesives or plastics are used in the production of the Rombouts coffee filter papers and they are bio-degradable and can go in your food, green or general waste.

The outer card box is fully recyclable in household collections. 

To check what your household collection will recycle please visit:

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