Iced Organic Rosehip Tea

A summer twist on our organic Rosehip tea! This delicious recipe, for a caffeine-free iced drink, is the perfect accompaniment to a summer barbeque or picnic.

Naturally rich in vitamins C and A, Majes-T Rosehip tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, day or night!



To make around a litre jug of delicious, iced organic Rosehip tea we recommend the following recipe to start and simply adjust to your taste.

Pour 500ml of boiling water over 4 to 6 Majes-T Organic Rosehip Tea Temples. Add two tablespoons of organic honey and stir. Leave to infuse and cool for 45 - 60 minutes.

Half fill a long glass with the cooled Rosehip tea, add some ice, sliced peaches, strawberries and a sprig of mint, top with cold water, stir and serve.

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