Rombouts' coffees are available from retail and horeca outlets. Its product and service range are tailored to these markets. Some products are also distributed through export by Rombouts' partners and also by mail order.


Rombouts offers a full product line of coffee, including ground and whole bean coffee, espresso pods, pads and filters for the individual user. These are available from large and medium retailers throughout Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as in gourmet stores.


The company has seven locations throughout Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg) in order to offer locally based service to horeca clients.

A full line of coffee and machines allows Rombouts to respond to any type of need from hotels, restaurants and bars. 

In addition, Rombouts offers on-site service including training and consultation in order to ensure that its coffee always meets the expectations of the most demanding customers.


Rombouts offers a product line to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes who would like to offer quality coffee to their employees.





Direct sales

Times are changing, and because of this, Rombouts is launching its online sales site with special coffees and gift ideas.


Rombouts' coffees are exported to numerous countries, some in Europe but also in Asia and Africa.