To add a little more indulgence during the long, warm summer night (fingers crossed) we have this delicious Tiramisu recipe for you to try!


  • 100 ml Greek yoghurt
  • 10 sugared sponge biscuits
  • 75g/3 oz icing sugar
  • 300g/12 oz Cream cheese
  • 125ml/5 fl oz double strength Italian Style ground coffee
  • 25ml/1 fl oz Tia Maria Liqueur
  • 75g/3 oz Fairtrade chocolate
  • 50g/2 oz Fairtrade Cocoa Powder
  • Can of squirty cream



1. Place the cream cheese, Greek yoghurt and a little sugar in a mixing bowl and beat until well mixed.

2. Whip egg whites until stiff, then add the rest of the sugar. Fold into the cream mixture.

3. Pour the double strength filter coffee into a bowl, add the Tia Maria and dissolve the icing sugar into it.

4. Dunk five of the sponge fingers into the coffee, soaking thoroughly before placing them in a serving bowl or basin. Make sure they don’t get too soggy.

5. Grate half the chocolate over the mixture.

6. Create the second layer by repeating steps 4 - 6.

7. Finally, decorate with cream, sift cocoa powder over the top and decorate with coffee beans.