How Rombouts propelled the market for coffee from Laos

Up until 2009, the coffee growers of the Bolaven Plateau, Laos, did not manage to sell their coffee in spite of the quality of their crop and hard work.  That was until Rombouts, who were impressed by the tasty samples, visited Laos and bought the entire yield.

What’s happened since then? A lot of hard work has gone into picking and drying – taking care to respect all the conditions that allow the Typica coffee bean to produce a coffee of great subtlety. The coffee beans are both Organic and Fairtrade certified.

We respect the development of the Laos local economy and that’s why we have a guaranteed minimum price, giving us an increased harvest without sacrificing quality. We have also have invested in a laboratory and a school for the children in the heart of Laos.

Today, with our coffee from Laos, you get a coffee with plenty of body and hints of chocolate, nuts and peaches.

To highlight this amazing coffee we have it as a Single Origin, Fairtrade Organic ground coffee: Laos Single Origin 227g 

PLUS to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight we have savings on some of our wonderful Fairtrade coffees.

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