Jamaican Blue Mountain 250G

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Jamaican Blue Mountain 250G
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Jamaican Blue Mountain is a very rare and highly refined Arabica coffee grown in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica.

Certain producing regions and varieties have left coffee history to enter into legend. Grown on the highest plateaus of Jamaica, in a privileged climate, Blue Mountain coffee is one of the national treasures of this Caribbean island. This exceptional Arabica surprises with its finesse and sweetness and enchants the most delicate and demanding palates with its delicate aromas, with floral accents, which evoke honey and sandalwood. Barely acidic, it offers a perfect balance that transforms each tasting into a delicious sensory experience.

In the past, merchants reused the wooden barrels used to age the rum to export their production of Blue Mountain coffee to delicatessens, prestigious establishments and large houses around the world. Today, producers continue to respect this tradition. Although the barrels did not hold any alcohol beforehand, the Blue Mountain is still carefully packed in wooden barrels for export, providing this exceptional Arabica coffee with a setting that lives up to its reputation.

Packed in a re-sealable airtight tin, containing 250g of roast and ground coffee.

Grind size: Medium to Fine Ground Direction: Suitable for all types of coffee makers, but best made in cafetieres and stove top moka pots. As a guide use one rounded dessert spoon of coffee per person. Adjust the amount of coffee and brewing time to taste.

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