Finally some good news with restrictions on outside hospitality easing on the 12th of April. Rombouts is offering support, discounts and promotional material to make re-opening less challenging.

If you have coffee machines, there are a few things we recommend doing before putting them into action if they have been unused for any length of time, but first, we have some fantastic offers for you... 

- Free Biscuits with all orders over £80*
- Free Promotional Point of Sale Items 
- 20% Off Coffee Equipment List Prices
- 10% Off Service Packages & Preventative Maintenence Visits   
- Free Espresso Machine Check with Seals & Showers

* Excluding with our Xpress'Oh Pod Machine Starter Kits

Plus we have a couple of starter kits to help get you serving coffee to your customers again and a selection of disposable items to suit all business type. 

If you have any questions about our offers or would like any advice about restarting your coffee equipment, please call us on 0845 604 0188 or email us at