NEW HOME COMPOSTABLE One Cup Filter Coffees & Recycling

Introducing the new HOME COMPOSTABLE One Cup Filter Coffee. Rombouts has been busy finding a solution to our plastic problem that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and ensures we don’t compromise on our great taste.

Our new Compostable One Cup Filter coffees are made from bagasse; the natural sugar cane fibres left after extracting the sugar. The fibres are collected, processed and used to make the filters. Once used the filters can be home composted, disposed of with your green or food waste or standard waste. They are certified Home Compostable by TUV Austria.

The outer card box is fully recyclable in cardboard collections.

To check what your household collection will recycle, please visit:

The white inner film is “Recycle Ready”; this means it can be recycled once the correct infrastructure is in place. In the meantime, we are recycling this for our customers. To take advantage of this, please place the clean and dry white plastic film from the new One Cup Filters in an envelope and return to us at: Recycle Me, Rombouts Coffee, 964 Weston Road, Slough. SL1 4HR

We have also switched the retail trade outer-packaging to Biowrap. This is a bio-based film wrap that is 100% recyclable and 4% lighter than the old packaging; this will both help reduce the usage of fuel and the emission of CO2.