Majes-T Pure Rooibos

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Majes-T Pure Rooibos
Majes-T Organic Teas

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Majes-T Pure Rooibos (redbush) Tagged & Enveloped Tea Bags

Rooibos, a naturally caffeine-free drink, is part of South African tradition and culture. To be enjoyed as a hot or ice-cold drink all day long!

The leaves of the rooibos plant, dried in the sun after harvesting, have been consumed by the people of Africa for centuries. It was only in the 20th century that this plant conquered the world. South Africa's national drink, rooibos, is naturally caffeine-free.

This deeply coloured infusion tastes sweet and vibrant and will transport you away to distant lands, gilded by the southern sun. Drunk hot or cold, it invites you on an energetic and exotic journey. Originating from the farthest reaches of South Africa, it contains all the enchanting power and magic of a ritual dance.

Rombouts offers rooibos that is certified organic and Fairtrade. The rooibos is produced on plantations that do not use pesticides or chemicals, with respect for the farmers and workers. It is a tea that also cares for the planet and people.

Ingredients: 100% Organic & Fairtrade Rooibos

Region: South Africa

Botanical: Roobios

Picking Time: January to April

Brew Time: 5 - 10 mins 

Water Temperature: 95 C

Case Contains: 50 individually wrapped, sting and tagged tea bags.

Product Code: 202060 

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