Majes-T Linden

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Majes-T Linden
Majes-T Organic Teas

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Majes-T Linden Tagged & Enveloped Tea Bags

Discover an infusion of lime blossom with honey aromas and flavours, appreciated for its subtle fragrance, sweetness on the palate, and slight tartness. Particularly suitable as an evening tea!

The European lime tree, a tree that can grow 30 metres tall and live for several centuries, is very present in our European forests. Its dried leaves and flowers are consumed as the herbal tea ‘linden’. Linden tea is a relaxing and soothing drink, especially in the evening. The flavour is reminiscent of honey and surprises the palate with its sweetness. 

This lime infusion is organically grown. The dried leaves and flowers are grown on farms that do not use pesticides or chemical fertilisers. By choosing organic tea, you are making a commitment to the planet and supporting a production method that preserves biodiversity and the quality of soil, waterways and groundwater.

Let yourself be seduced by the special aromatic note of this organic linden tea.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Linden

Brew Time: 3 mins 

Water Temperature: 80 - 85 C

Case Contains: 50 individually wrapped, sting and tagged tea bags.

Product Code: 202071 - (replaces product code: 202012)  

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