With our new website also come some great new coffees!

Introducing our ‘All Day Range’ and our Premium range of ground coffee tins...

Our delicious everydayindulgence range of ground coffee tins; our ‘All Day Range’ - Two new delicious, premium quality coffees, so you can enjoy them every day! 

Cachet D’or 227g Ground Coffee Tin
A blend of 100% Arabica coffees from South and Central America, medium roast for a strength 3. It has a medium body with subtle fruit acidity; perfect for any time of the day, but we like it best just after lunch, instead of afternoon tea!

Italian Style 227g Ground Coffee Tin
is for those Italian coffee lovers out there. A dark roasted, strength 5 premium ground coffee. Rich, intense and full-bodied and add milk to highlight the cocoa notes and sweetness in the cup. A great wake-up coffee!


And for those special occasions (or simply as an extra treat) we’ve introduced our ‘Grand cru’ Supremo d’Arabica 250g ground coffee tin.

Supremo d’Arabica 227g Ground Coffee Tin
This is a fine, medium bodied (strength 3) coffee with a slight fruit caramel after-taste. It’s blend of some of the world’s finest Arabica coffees and we could drink it all day and every day!

All three coffees are presented in a fully recyclable, re-sealable tin, to keep it fresher for longer.

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