With some of the business restrictions easing following this turbulent time in the hospitality sector, we have received information and advice from wanted to offer some support to any businesses that are open or looking to open in the near future. 

If you have coffee equipment, there are a few things we recommend doing before putting them into action if they have been sitting unused or turned off for any length of time. 

The Rombouts Coffee UK Team.

Flushing your Brita Water Filter

If you haven't used your Brita connected coffee equipment for 4 weeks or more it's really important that flush the water filter in order to remove any unwanted taints or contaminates from the system. Click on the image below for a simple video guide. 

PDF Version available for download here: BRITA Flushing your filter

Restarting your Espresso Machine

More than 4 weeks is quite a long time for an espresso machine to sit cold and unused. Some parts that are used to being hot and moving can sometimes play up. Well looked after machinery that was properly prepared for the shut-down should be fine, but even then, there are some things to look out for when you restart. 

Flush the Water Filter - Follow the above instructions for flushing the water filter. This is an important step to avoid any taints or contaminants getting into your coffee machine.

Heating up - Turn on the water supply, open one of the steam wands, then switch on the power at the wall and at the machine switch. Close the open steam wand once it’s finished auto-filling. Stay close to your machine during the 15 minute heating period, keeping an eye out for any unusual leaks, sounds or smells.

Flush the Machine - Run all groups for at least two minutes, taking care not to overflow the drain box or waste bucket! Open each steam wand for at least one minute – check that the steam smells clean, not tainted by old milk. Empty at least two litres of water from the hot tap. Clean and backflush your espresso machine as per nightly maintenance routine. Brew and discard at least one espresso through each group. 

Restarting your Franke Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


Restarting your Bravilor Coffee Machine

We recommend you follow the re-commissioning instructions below to ensure everything is ready, safe and hygienic before you start serving coffee after a period of non-use. 


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