Rombouts Espresso Coffee Pods & Recycling 

Another key product line for Rombouts are the espresso pods (1,2,3 Spresso pods, coffee pods) These are growing in demand as people are looking for more espresso-based coffee drinks and also for an alternative to our One Cup Filter coffees.

The Rombouts espresso pods are naturally degradable and can go in your food waste, green waste or your composted heap.

The hard plastic packaging is polypropylene (PP5). It is the same material as margarine and yoghurt pots and is widely recyclable in household collections. To check what your household collection will recycle please visit:

The thin plastic film covering the espresso pods is essential to ensure the coffee remains airtight and fresh, this is not currently recyclable. We are working on a fully biodegradable option for this.

The outer card box is fully recyclable in household collections.

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