Italian Style Compostable One Cup Filters 80s

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Italian Style Compostable One Cup Filters 80s
One Cup Filters

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NEW Home Compostable Italian Style One Cup Filter Coffees.

Our One Cup Filter Coffees have been a great way to make quality coffee, easily and conveniently since their invention in 1958 - And now we've made them even better!

Rombouts have been looking for a different material to replace the plastic in our One Cup Filters for a long time, and finally, we have found something that is sustainable, great for the environment and of course, gives you the same great quality cup of coffee each and any time, with no waste or mess.  

Our new generation Home Compostable One Cup Filters are made from bagasse, the natural sugar cane fibres left after extracting the sugar. The fibres are collected, processed and then used to make our coffee filters. Once used, the filters can be home composted or disposed of with your food, green or standard waste.

Our Italian Style: Our Italian style coffee blend was inspired by the Italian tradition of serving deliciously rich, smooth chocolately, full-bodied roasts, in their coffee bars. Its deep rich flavour and aroma make this ideal for serving at the end of a delicious dinner. 

Preparation and Usage: Shake your One Cup Filter gently to evenly distribute the coffee and place it on your cup. Ensure the filter is stable on the cup and add hot (not boiling) water up to the line. Wait until all the water has filtered through into your cup. Enjoy your freshly brewed cup of Rombouts filter coffee.

Recycling & Sustainability Information: Once used, the filters can be home composted or disposed of with your food or green waste. The outer carton can be recycled with your home collection of card and paper. The inner film, which keeps the coffee fresh, is fully recyclable. Please see our page for full details of our scheme to help you to recycle this. 

Pack Contains: 8 x 10 (80 Filters) Italian Style Blend Home Compostable One Cup Filter Coffees. We no longer include any lids with the Compostable One Cup Filters, however, these are available to purchase separately here: Compostable Lids.

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