Majes-T Earl Grey

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Majes-T Earl Grey
Majes-T Organic Teas

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Majes-T Earl Grey Tagged & Enveloped Tea Bags

Be seduced by the distinctive and delicate flavour of a timeless classic. This high-quality black tea, harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas, is combined with the subtlety and freshness of natural bergamot.

Its origins have been lost over the generations, and the story has become a legend. Some say Earl Grey tea gets its name from the 2nd Earl of Grey, whose servant came up with the idea to combine bergamot oil with an exceptional tea to add a touch of freshness.
Earl Grey is a classic among teas and is drunk all over the world. Delicious notes of the citrus fruit bergamot, a cross between a lime and bitter orange, make it a benchmark.
The combination of the full flavour of black tea and the citrus flavour of bergamot makes it a tea to enjoy at any time of the day, from morning to evening. A real treat!

By choosing this tea, you are supporting producers and workers thanks to the Fairtrade Mark. It is also organically certified, grown without pesticides or chemical fertiliser, in plantations that help preserve biodiversity, soil quality, rivers and groundwater.

Ingredients: Black tea 98%. Bergamot essential oil 2%

Region: South Asia

Botanical: Black tea

Picking Time: Spring / Summer

Brew Time: 3 - 4 mins 

Water Temperature: 95 C

Case Contains: 50 individually wrapped, sting and tagged tea bags.

Product Code: 202070 - (replaces product code: 202017) 

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