Majes-T Citrus Cinnamon

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Majes-T Citrus Cinnamon
Majes-T Organic Teas

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Majes-T Citrus Cinnamon Tagged & Enveloped Tea Bags

Black tea with pieces of fruit and spices. An aromatic blend of black tea, orange and citrus fruits, with the sweetness of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Citrus Tea combines the vibrant aroma of the finest black tea, made using the youngest, fresh leaves, with the invigorating, sweet flavour of oranges and lemons and the warm, exotic hint of cinnamon. This tea has a sweet and fruity flavour due to its infusion of cinnamon, citrus, lemongrass and natural stevia.

Ingredients: Black tea 77%, Cinnamon pieces 11%, Orange peel 5%, Lemon grass 5%, Orange peel 5%, Hibiscus 4%, Essential oils 3% (sweet orange, lemon), Natural sweetener; Stevia

Botanical: Black Tea

Brew Time: 3 - 4 mins 

Water Temperature: 95 C

Case Contains: 50 individually wrapped, sting and tagged tea bags.

Product Code: 202061 

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