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Ek’Oh Coffee Machine Package

Pod Machines
Everything you need to enjoy great coffee at home!
Coffee machine, coffee & biscuits.

The Ek'Oh coffee pod machine makes great coffees at the touch of a button. Simply drop your coffee pod into the machine, press the size of the drink you want and in a few moments your delicious, Americano or espresso is ready to enjoy. Add some foamed milk for a delicious cappucinno or latte.

The Ek'Oh turns off after making each drink to conserve energy, but is always ready within a few moments when you want you next one!

No fuss, no waste, no mess, just great coffee every time!

The package contains:

Ek'Oh Coffee Pod Machine (in white)

• Dualit Milk Foamer

12 Grande Reserve Coffee Pods
12 Ristretto Espresso Pods
12 Brazilian Coffee Pods
12 Colombian Coffee Pods
12 La Finca Fairtrade Coffee Pods

A packet of Rombouts Café biscuits


Rombouts Coffee pods are bio-degradable and the packaging is fully recyclable.

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